Jul 10, 2018

The photo that started it all

My 2-year-old's bedroom. Usage: only for sleeping. Behind the closet door: nothing.

Back in February, the hubby "leaked" a photo of our 2-year-old's bedroom on Facebook. Some comments:
"I need to aspire to this. Lol."
"My dream room!"
"This is so sad to me [...] kids need some stimulation and color."
"I'm surprised you didn't get rid of the carpet, mattress, door and windows!"
Disclaimer: I haven't always lived like this.

But I have now for over 5 years, in a 1400 square-foot condo with a husband and 2 little kids. Despite having 3 bedrooms, 3 closets and 3 bathrooms - 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms and 2 closets are completely empty.

As you can see from the comments above, there are those who are deeply inspired by my way of living, and those who sarcastically roll their eyes in condemnation.

BUT. It is impossible to please everyone. The goal to give you the inside scoop into what "Serenism" is, especially for those who are and can be inspired by it.

I promise that if you keep an open mind, you will discover that Serenism can:
Free up your resources like time and money.
Free up physical and mental burdens associated with clutter.
Be achieved by anyone, with baby steps at a time.

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